Choi - Shadows of the Soul

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Shadows of the Soul by Piety Choi.
(7"x5"; Sumi ink on Korean rice paper)

This piece is part of a larger work entitled "Shadows of the Soul," which was produced with Sumi ink (Asian black ink) on a sheet of Korean rice paper. The web image of the original (7" x 5"; when framed, 10" x 8") is viewable at this address (maximum size 5,120x3956 pixels).

The images in this production portray various spiritual conditions in which one may find himself or herself in relation with God. The viewers will immediately recognize how each segment brings forth the yearning a person has for the divine, "as a deer longs for flowing streams" (Ps 42:1a). The image shown here depicts the person's longing of freedom, which goes in company with the hope that resides in every human heart. The circle displayed above the figure represents the presence of God. I am sure some will relate to it as the signature of the transcendent. The celestial pull may also remind us of divine gifts that always surround us but cannot be readily captured on a canvas—like the breath that God provides for all living beings. The person in this image may well be dwelling on such invisible but tangible blessings that give life meaning. —Piety Choi, Christian artist

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