Choi - The Origin

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The Origin
by Piety Choi.
(48”x48”; mixed media
on canvas)

This second of the works that I produced with sand uses mixed media on canvas (size: 48"x48"). As I was searching for the root of humanity, I came upon the grains of sand, which struck me as the most fitting material for my theme. The sand reminded me of how God created Adam and Eve out of dirt, and this abstract painting was born. The earth tone overshadows the whole piece. The sand also recalls God's blessing that promises that God's people will be "as numerous as the stars of heaven and as the sand that is on the seashore" (Gen 22:17). The sand may easily crumble and scatter, but a sand-based artwork on canvas, once a certain medium is applied, becomes a tightly held figure. It cannot be put asunder easily, even as the Holy Spirit gathers us, distinct individuals, and nurtures us into one body of Christ. Just as God breathed the breath of life into a living soul, I dared imagine pouring my whole heart in this painting titled "The Origin."
—Piety Choi

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