Choi - Encountering-Beauty

by Piety Choi

The cover art for this issue comes from a much larger work that assembles thirty-six pieces under the title of “Encountering Beauty.” Each image is produced with acrylic and mixed media and can be framed or connected as photagy on a 10”x10” canvas. The debut exhibit of this piece was accompanied by these words: “We often do not recognize beauty in ordinary things. As we walk down the streets, we see buildings, walls and roadways often aged, rundown, tainted, and scarred. Yet, if we look closely, we can find in them the beauty that is so unique. These are captured and processed in the photographs.” Indeed, the inspiration came from the corners of the street that I once thought were littered with dirt, smudge, and squalor. One day they took me by surprise, revealing their mysterious beauty. I found them mirroring life, which can leave one wounded, fractured, and stained, but from another perspective—that is, in God’s eyes—there is great beauty underneath the broken pieces. I wanted to collect those hidden signs of beauty that would bring comfort to many. Each exhibit turned out to be a chance to encounter those who shared the same thought and the sense of healing, whether from reading the card next to “Encountering Beauty” or by just looking at it. —Piety Choi

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