Artist Statement

Sand is a key medium in my paintings. It represents a most profound source of creativity. In our childhood, our first artistic experience often involves crude etching in the sandbox.  The latent creativity within each of us may be brought forth to life much like God breathed life into the dust and created man. With paintings using sand, I explore the roots of my existence.

I often work on abstract paintings with themes that derive from biblical stories that resonate with my inner journey. It is a spiritual journey to create a place within me, an interior castle.

—Piety Choi

To See Movements in Stillness
Purpose in Chaos
Hope in Hopelessness
Divinity in the Ordinary

To Capture Infinity in the Finite
Eternity in Fleeting Moments
Worlds in the Grains of Sand
Stories in the Eyes of Many
To Create
The Interior Castle

—Piety Choi

Artist Profile

Piety Choi

Piety Choi graduated from Ewha Women's High School in 1975 and Seoul Women's University in 1979. In 1980, she immigrated to the United States. Piety received the Master of Fine Arts degree from PAFA (Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts) in 2007. She has had a number of Solo Exhibits (Highwire Gallery, Blink Art Gallery, St. Asaph Gallery, Ansan Art Fair, Incheon Women Arts Biennale, etc.), Group Exhibits, as well as Invited Exhibits (Philadelphia Sketch Club, Renaissance Center for the Arts, Art Association of Harrisburg, Betsy Meyer Memorial Exhibition, Muse Gallery, Woodmere Art Museum, etc.). Piety has received many awards and prizes for her work in oil paintings and mixed media.

Other Art by Piety Choi Published by The Living Pulpit

Church on the Hill

Church on a Hill
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The New Beginning

The New Beginning
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